A Simple Math Technique Turned These Indian Kids Into Human Calculators.

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Watching these kids do mental math this quickly will have you absolutely speechless. All across the globe, India is seen as a pinnacle of impeccable education, as well as its surrounding nations. So, it should come as no surprise that this young boy can do intense calculations in a matter of seconds using his hands and his mind.

Master Mind Abacus is a class dedicated to improving students' abilities to do quick mental math. The abacus is a tool that was used approximately 2,500 years ago in many East Asian countries and has long since been replaced by calculators, computers, and smartphones.

However, Master Mind Abacus considers the tool to be an incredible way to decrease the dependence on technology. The course provides extensive training starting with smaller equations and working its way up the ladder. Eventually, the abacus is removed altogether, thus enabling a student's photographic memory, as clearly demonstrated in this video.