A Tokyo Salaryman Discovers What It's Like To Work More Hours Than He Sleeps

Mar 6, 2015
In the United States, one of the many concepts identified with the Japanese culture is the idea of a strong work ethic. A recent video posted by YouTube user, Stu in Tokyo, shows nothing less.

Stu is from the United Kingdom and works for a financial firm in Tokyo. After moving there, Stu started a weekly vlog as a way for family and friends back in the United Kingdom to stay current with all that is occurring in his life. This week's entry depicts his life as a "Tokyo salaryman" during his company's busy season. The term "salaryman" simply means a worker with a salaried, white-collar job. His schedule is relentless. As he points out in his video's description, many workers in Japan face this schedule all year long. Stu remains pretty positive considering he only sleeps for 35 hours over the course of the work week (Monday - Saturday) and yet works 78 hours.
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