A Veterinarian's Journey.

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Thailand seems to be developing a monopoly on powerful short films that tell true-to-life stories of people, their lives, hopes, dreams and everything in between. If you’ve seen some of the other ones, you know what we’re talking about. This particular clip from Krungthai Bank cranks the feels up to 11 with a powerful story of one woman and how she came to her chosen profession.

Initially terrified of her neighbor’s dog, as time goes on she learns a little more about this particular pooch and her view changes. And really that’s what life is about, isn’t it? There are really only two major emotions, fear and love. Everything else just kind of branches out from there. And what’s the difference between fear and love? Understanding.

Understanding led this one woman to become a veterinarian. The journey there was rough, to say the least, but we’re glad she made it. And certainly, all the animals she will help in her life are glad as well, even if they don’t even know it yet. Veterinarians as a whole are an odd sort of professional. While they immediately command respect for their selfless devotion to the care of creatures far less capable of caring for themselves than humans, they often don’t carry the same cachet as a human-focused physician or surgeon. In many ways, what they do is harder. The patients are often far less willing. The diseases sometimes more bizarre. But they go to work every day and save the lives of countless animals that are so important to so many of us.