A Young Mother's Secret That Will Steal Your Heart

Dec 29, 2014
In just over seven minutes, you will fall in love with Jane and June. This short clip shares a beautiful, true story of unconditional love. It is part of a series done on inspirational women produced by Wacoal Thailand, which is the Thai division of the Wacoal clothing company. The series was created to show strong, beautiful women, based on a more unconventional definition of beauty, one that most people appreciate.

In this short video, Jane is a young mom who cares deeply, and sacrifices a great deal, for her daughter, June. Jane is the target of rumors because she is so young and has a child. Towards the end of the clip, it is revealed that Jane has a secret, but not the kind of rumors. Instead, it is a secret that shows Jane as the type of mother that every child deserves.
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