A Zoo Threw A Big Party For This Baby Gorilla's First Birthday

Mar 20, 2015
Last year on March 12, a baby gorilla was born at the San Diego Zoo via emergency C-section. After 11 days in the veterinary hospital, she was returned to her mother in the Zoo's Safari Park. The baby's mother, 18-year-old Imani, lives in a troop there that is headed by the baby's father, Winston.

A year later, and baby Joanne (named after the first chairwoman of the zoo's foundation, Joanne Warren) is living the regular life of a western lowland gorilla. On the morning of her big day, the birthday girl greeted visitors from her mother's back. Imani quickly went after the ice cupcake made of pureed yams, and Joanne soon jumped off to join her. There were two cakes made from oranges, orange juice and pureed yams. One was made specially for the birthday girl, and a larger one was made for the troop. The exhibit was full of fun treats and chalk-written messages from the keepers to celebrate her big day.
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