An Annoyed Husky Accidentally Incites A Hilarious Howling Riot

Apr 9, 2015
Just like siblings, dogs from the same family will fight, wrestle, annoy and complain about one another. Sky (the Siberian husky), Sadie and Marshall (English springer spaniels) are no different. Sky makes it very clear that she does not appreciate anything that Sadie might have to say (as it appears that Sadie is whispering in her ear), and she shows her distaste as only she knows how.

The ironic part is that the American Kennel Club's definitions of the two breeds would have placed Sky as the instigator and Sadie as the sweet sister who can only complain in response. Siberian huskies are the thirteenth most popular breed in terms of pets and are known for their high energy, loyal and mischievous personalities. English springer spaniels, on the other hand, known for only medium-level energy, are friendly and obedient. The definition did note that the spaniels are usually quite playful, though.
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