At The Tuckerman Ravine In New Hampshire, Skiers Are A Sure Sign Of... Spring?

May 11, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
You might be a bit surprised to learn that near Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, droves of skiers showing up is a sure sign of spring, not winter. That's because just near the mountain is the famous Tuckerman Ravine, said to be the birthplace of American extreme skiing. In the winter months, the heavy winds near Mt. Washington (which once held the record for fastest wind speed recorded at 231 m.p.h.) make Tuckerman prone to avalanches and therefore not safe for skiing.

On the flip side, it helps pack an average of 50+ feet of snow into the ravine, which is essentially a giant glacial bowl. This snowpack lasts well into summer, so the skiing season at Tuckerman generally runs from around April to July. That doesn't mean it's not still dangerous though: Tuckerman has an average steepness of 45 degrees, making it the steepest sustained run in the country (a few places are steeper but for much shorter distances).
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