Baby's First Reaction To Automatic Sliding Doors.

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Remember being a kid and experiencing everything for the first time? Literally everything was exciting back then and the smallest thing could make your day.

Thankfully, even though we grow out of it, we grow up and have babies of our own and then we watch them go through that same process. One of my favorites is a baby's first taste of cake or ice cream, but seeing this adorable baby boy having his first experience with an automatic door definitely comes in a close second.

This video was posted by the boy's father, Abraham Vargas, who said that his son was absolutely fascinated with the doors. This was the first time he was allowed to walk around on his own and he clearly took advantage of the opportunity to explore his surroundings. Since being posted just a few days ago, the video has quickly won over the internet and has over half a million views and counting already.