Bride Spends An Entire Year Creating Epic Wedding Cake.

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When you’re the owner of a successful bakery, you don’t just bake a cake for your wedding day – you go all out! At least, that’s what Jacinta, owner of Complete Deelite in Hong Kong, decided to do for her big day. In fact, most everything Jacinta does is to the nines. Cakes from her shop must be ordered two to four weeks in advance, both to handle flow of demand and to allow time for the creation of the intricate designs found on her website. However, when ordering a cake this fancy, be prepared to pay – they will cost you anywhere from $800 to several thousand dollars.

While Jacinta did not share how much it cost to make her own wedding cake, we do know that it took an entire year to make the thousands of fondant flowers that cover the seven tiers from top to bottom. The flowers were kept frozen until the big day, then individually wrapped in tissue paper and transported to the reception site. Incredibly, each swirl on the cake was also hand-pipped by the bride with royal icing.

While we’ve seen many incredible cakes over the years here at Wimp, including cakes that were animated or uniquely-shaped, we’ve never seen a labor of love quite like this one. At nearly 10 feet tall, it’s also one of the largest, as you’ll see when the bride pulls over a chair to stand next to her epic creation. We certainly hope she had a wedding planner for the rest of the event, as this cake took some serious time and dedication!