Canada's Flag Just Turned 50 - Here Are Some Interesting Facts About It

Feb 16, 2015
Most national flags are chosen by the nation's leaders (e.g., Mexico's flag was chosen by presidential decree), or are a compromise of sorts such as the U.K. flag which includes Scottish, Irish, and English national symbols in its design. But not Canada, this country had always flown the flag of its settlers until the 1920s, flying the British "Union Jack." In 1924, an age-old debate was brought to the forefront and a temporary decision was made.

This new flag could not be flown at governmental buildings until an agreement was reached and formally approved. It wasn't until the "Great Flag Debate of 1964" that a real decision was made, in which the current flag was chosen from over 2,600 designs. It was approved and unveiled to the public on Feb 15, 1965.
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