Celine Dion And Josh Groban Reprise The First Song They Ever Sang Together.

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Our hearts go out to Celine Dion as she faces what must be an incredibly challenging time in her life. Only two days ago she lost her husband, Rene Angelil to cancer at 73, and now she has tragically lost her brother as well to the same disease.

For her, this is a time of showing strength for her young children, the oldest only 14 years old. "I’m trying really hard to show my children that sickness and things happen in life. You cannot be crying and be depressed and consistently talk about, ‘Oh my God,’" she told US Weekly.

It sounds as though Celine is surrounded by a large and caring family, who are no doubt also heartbroken but who can hopefully help each other through this trying time. Grief is a process unique to everyone, but we can’t imagine how much more difficult that process could be under the scrutinous eye of celebrity. Thankfully so far it seems as though most press has been sensitive and respectful.

For our part, we’re all huge fans of her work and hope things look a little sunnier for her moving forward. In honor of her contributions to music we thought we’d share one of our all-time favorites, her classic song, The Prayer, a tune she has performed in duet with many people over the years. This particular performance features another favorite of ours, Josh Groban, who really gives it his all in this lovely rendition of an already incredibly beautiful song.