Check Out How Well This Impressively Trained Dog Sabotages A Cooking Show.

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Youtube user Inosemarine and his pet dog are not quite ready to start their rounds on the cooking show circuit. Although the duo is well known across Japan, they are certainly not known for their cooking talents.

Mari the Shiba Inu has been notoriously dubbed a "bad dog" by many of the Japanese media outlets. But, the media also recognizes that Mari has been trained to be naughty. Every moment in the pup's video is choreographed, practiced and executed with precision by Mari.

The Shiba Inu is considered the oldest and smallest of Japan's six native dog breeds. Originally bred to flush out small game and birds, they are best known for their hunting skills, feisty spirits and alertness. Without proper training in their younger years, these dogs can become aggressive and are more difficult to train as they age.