Comcast Brings A Blind Girl's Wizard Of Oz Vision To Life.

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Comcast has outdone itself with its latest 60-second commercial that initially aired during Sunday's Academy Awards show. The ad features 7-year-old Emily who was born blind. Emily was discovered after a search in a network of schools and associations for the blind in the U.S.

She describes in great detail how she envisions the "Wizard of Oz" in her mind as she "watches" it. Comcast and its long-time advertisement agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners worked together to create the concept. Then, they brought in director Andreas Nilsson from Biscuit Filmworks to direct the short documentary that brought Emily's vision to life.

The advertisement promotes Comcast's newest technology, which was developed by their Accessibility Lab. It allows people with visual impairments to channel-surf using the "first talking guide" ever. Learn more about this innovation at