Competitive Cyclists Take On A High-Speed Train In An Attempt To Win A Race.

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The Paris-Roubaix bicycle road race took a shocking turn when some of the contestants refused to stop at nothing, not even an oncoming high-speed train, to get ahead. The 158-mile race from the French town of Compiegne, not far from Paris, to Roubaix is known for its intensity. It exceeded its reputation, however, when the peloton (the main group of riders) encountered a railroad crossing to find that a train was on its way.

In a very risky move, a number of the cyclists ignored the descending barriers, and the police escorts, and attempted to beat the train across the tracks. Fortunately, no one was injured.

It is strictly forbidden to cross train tracks during a race once the barriers are down, for obvious safety reasons. The cyclists who went to such extreme lengths could be disqualified from the race or even face legal action. There are times at which a competitor can go too far to win, and this is definitely one of those times.