Corgi Is Startled When A Rock Turns Out To Be A Turtle

Jun 21, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Life can be hard for a corgi. One minute you're just chilling in the grass, enjoying the breeze rolling through your fur, and the next minute your whole world is turned upside down when you discover that what you thought was a peaceful rock is actually a turtle. That's exactly the shock this corgi, known as Turbo, encountered recently when he was relaxing in his garden while his owner, YouTuber TurboMuffin, was filming him. That's how she managed to capture his startled reaction perfectly.

Corgis are known for their cuteness, largely due to their short legs. They were bred in Wales to be sheep herding dogs, and their short stature is helpful at nipping the heels of livestock to get them to change direction. Additionally, they are notorious for their constant barking, which is also useful when herding animals (though not so much in a city apartment). The turtle in this video appears to be a North American box turtle, common throughout the United States and Mexico.
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