Despite Her Inability To Walk Or Talk, This Little Girl Skates For The First Time

Mar 9, 2015
Five-year-old Cammy Babiarz is a lifelong Chicago Blackhawks fan. She's also part of a small group of people afflicted with Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes scoliosis, growth failure, underdevelopment of the hands, feet and head and generally leaves the afflicted unable to walk or talk. Rett syndrome is very rare and seems to occur almost exclusively in females.

When her family had a chance to have Cammy meet her favorite player, Duncan Keith, they sent in an application hoping for the best. The Blackhawks delivered, and you can see the pride Keith feels when announcing he's her favorite player. The team surprised the family by telling them to bring Cammy's special harness, so she could actually skate with her new BFF.
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