Didga The Skateboarding Cat Grinds The Rails At A Local Skate Park

Mar 10, 2015
Robert Dollwet hooked up his cat, Didga, with a GoPro camera and let her take to the skateparks. Didga is a skateboarding cat from Australia who was rescued by her owner, Dollwet. Dollwet has over 33 years experience in training animals and is most known for training the pets of Hollywood's stars. He now lives on the Gold Coast of Australia as an animal trainer.

The animal trainer also maintains two YouTube channels that he updates frequently to offer training tips, as well as funny clips featuring his animals like Didga.

Cats are fiercely intelligent animals but are known to be difficult to train at times. The inability to train a cat typically has very little to do with the cat's abilities and more to do with the human-cat interactions. Cats respond better to positive reinforcement more than any other training technique. They tend to respond to punishment with fear rather than obedience.
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