Dog Meets Snow For The First Time.

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Many across the country had to fight horrible winter conditions the last few days. An intimidating storm that swept through the United States brought frigid temperatures along with tons and tons of snow. As far south as Atlanta, people were forced to stay inside and cancel all their plans. For some, it was miserable. Others truly loved it. No matter what your opinion on winter storms are, they probably aren’t as hilarious as this little pup, who was certainly not expecting what greeted her in the front yard. 

This is Lulu. She is the type of dog who likes everything to go as planned. So when her owner opened the front door of her house to let her out, she didn’t suspect anything to go wrong. Apparently Lulu hadn’t been keeping up with the local news, because when the door swung open, she was in for quite the surprise. Her entire front yard was covered in a deep snow. This certainly wasn’t a part of her plan. 

Instead of panicking, Lulu composed herself and decided the best thing to do is just turn around and run away like nothing ever happened. Hopefully, she will eventually warm up to the idea, or else she may have to be holding it in for a while.