"Dream Jump Dubai" Is Every Daredevil's New Favorite Way To See The City

May 4, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Adrenaline junkies need to make their way to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, because the latest event held there is only the first of many. Dubbed "Dream Jump Dubai" and hosted by Skydive Dubai in association with Never Before Events, the event was part of the "Dream Walker - Around the World in 80 Jumps" expedition and is the first outside of Europe. The event was held at the Princess Tower in Dubai, where participants plunged from the 99th floor.

Dream jumps are when a participant leaps off a tall structure while connected to a patented system of dynamic ropes, much like a zip line. According to Zarir Saifuddin, partner at Never Before Events and the regional distributor for the Dream Jump system, "the end result is a long and safe free fall from any land mass or tower." This is the first Dream Jump to be done inside a city, and Dubai was selected for the magnificent views that jumpers would see on their way back to the ground.
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