Driver's Tip: 1,000 Elk Crossing The Road Always Have The Right Of Way.

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Traffic in Colorado is pretty wild - literally. This video, taken by a Fort Garland, Colorado resident identified only as Stephanie shows her and what we presume is her husband driving down Highway 159 when they have to bring their car to a near-halt because of a jam up ahead. The cause? Roughly 1,000 elk crossing the road right in front of them. There's so many of them moving so quickly that it almost looks like a giant brown river decided to cut its path across the road.

It remains unclear if the elk were running from something in particular such as a predator or other perceived threat or if they were simply an extremely large herd that was on a migrational path. Either way, it certainly makes for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sight and for Stephanie and her husband, possibly the best possible excuse for why they were potentially late to wherever they were going.