Elephant And Dog Are Famous For Their Unbelievable Friendship.

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It may seem hard to believe, but there is actually an elephant sanctuary located in the United States. Just south of Nashville, in the town of Hohenwald, Tennessee is the country's largest natural-habitat refuge. Simply called The Elephant Sanctuary, the vast facilities occupy more than 2,700 acres of land, and it was designed specifically to cater to the needs of endangered elephants.

Of all the elephants that have learned to call this sanctuary home, many have developed a buddy system of partnering off with another of their kind. The connections between the pairs are as strong as the ones that are shared by siblings, and you'll rarely see one without the other. In fact, it’s common to see them walking side by side while holding each other's trunks.

For Tarra the elephant, the animal that has become her "partner" isn't quite what you would expect. Instead of pairing up with another elephant, Tarra made friends with someone of a much smaller stature – a dog named Bella. The bond shared between these two was so strong that when Bella injured her back, Tarra waited for three weeks straight outside of the sanctuary's office where her friend was recovering.

Since the filming of the video below, Bella has unfortunately passed away. Tarra was obviously grief stricken when it all happened, but thankfully the other elephants in the sanctuary helped to console her loss. Due to the nature of Bella's injuries, it was presumed that she was attacked by coyotes. The theory goes that the incident probably happened farther away from where the dog was discovered, but Tarra carried her a mile or more to bring her home.