Ellen DeGeneres Gives A Generous Gift To A Deaf Woman Who Can Finally Hear Thanks To Modern Medicine.

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When she was 29 years old, Sarah Churman experienced a small miracle of sorts. Sarah is part of the 0.38 percent of the American population that suffer from hearing impairment. She was born deaf but, thanks to modern medical technology, was fitted with a special hearing aid that finally allowed her to hear.

Although she'd had hearing aids of one kind or another since age 2, those previous models only allowed her to catch a few faint vibrations or really loud noises. The newer implant, called the Esteem Inner Ear Simulator, allowed her to hear the world the same way that most of take for granted.

Sarah's reaction video to having her implant switched on was a huge viral hit, and ended up getting her an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When Ellen learned that Sarah's mother-in-law, Lari, had helped Sarah get the $30,000 needed for her hearing aid by cashing out her own retirement, she did what she does best - stepped in to save the day.