Ever Since She Was Adopted, This Adorable Former Stray Refuses To Eat Alone

Apr 21, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Rescued pup Bonnie joins this new family thanks to The Sato Project, an organization that was created to rescue dogs in Puerto Rico. They work in an area known as Dead Dog Beach, located on the southeastern coast. As the name implies, dogs are regularly abandoned at the beach and left there to die, since there are no people or fresh water sources nearby.

Volunteers visit daily to look for new animals. Upon finding them, Sato then provides all the care that is needed to get them healthy. The dogs are then transported to the local airport and are flown to either JFK or Newark Airport in the U.S. Volunteers meet the pups at the airport and take them to foster homes, forever homes or one of the project's sanctuary partners.

The dogs average about two weeks in foster homes before finding their forever homes. The Sato Project is dedicated to making permanent change in Puerto Rico.
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