Every Year, Two Peruvian Villages Rebuild An Incan Rope Bridge Between Them

Aug 13, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
The Inca Empire spread from the capital in Cusco (modern-day Peru) through South America and included regions of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. They were master builders and engineers who created massive cities like Machu Picchu (without using cement or any kind of binder) and complex road networks in some very difficult terrain.

Some 300 years before Europe had suspension bridges, the Incas had a network of over 200 of them all across the Andes, supplementing their road network that helped move massive amounts of people, goods and soldiers all across their vast empire. Though most of these rope bridges are now gone, 500 years later one Incan bridge still remains thanks to two communities with an annual tradition of restoring it using the old ways of construction.
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