Examining Bamboo As The Future Of Sustainable Architecture

May 17, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
A recent TED Talk with Elora Hardy brought to the stage new architectural considerations that put sustainable and renewable building materials at the forefront of conversations. Formerly the lead print designer for Donna Karan in New York City, Hardy returned home to Bali to see the Green School (often called the "greenest school on Earth," it functions almost entirely "off the grid"), which her mother and father had founded. She was inspired by what she saw and had an itch to contribute.

Three years ago, Hardy founded Ibuku, which is a Bali-based building and design firm dedicated to designing and creating sustainable, eco-friendly buildings. They use locally sourced bamboo to create their structures and Hardy notes that "Bamboo is the definition of sustainable - it doesn't even have to be replanted." Together with her team at Ibuku, she has built over 40 new bamboo structures and has redefined architectural rules.
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