Expert Craftsman Turns Concrete Rubble And An Old Shovel Into An Elegant Knife

Jun 16, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
John Heisz is a professional carpenter from Ontario, Canada who has been in the commercial construction business for over 30 years. His YouTube channel, which features videos of woodworking and other workshop projects that he is working on, has over 185,000 subscribers and more than 33 million views.

In this video, Heisz makes a beautiful knife using metal cut from an old shovel for the blade and a handle cut from old concrete rubble. It just goes to show that anything can become a work of art in the hands of a true craftsman. While most of his videos show the various stages of production, it should be noted that Heisz uses YouTube as a means of sharing his work and inspiring others, not as a tutorial. Anyone wishing to replicate his projects should already have a strong working knowledge of the workshop, particularly how to work safely.
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