'Fast And Furious' Has Nothing On This Tire Changing Stunt

Aug 22, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Thanks to computer graphics Hollywood has been able to treat automobiles as if the laws of physics no longer apply to them for years. While it’s thrilling to see death-defying stunts on the silver screen you’ve always got the comfort of knowing no one is actually doing anything dangerous resting in the back of your mind. That’s why this video floored us.

This crew of Saudi stunt drivers don’t need computers to defy the laws of physics, they just need an open stretch of road and a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Tilting the car up on two wheels at, what should be, an impossible angle, these brave souls change out both left tires while the car hurtles down the road at high speeds. Oh, and they do it barefoot. It goes without saying kids, don’t try this at home, but be sure to watch. Just make sure you pick your jaw up off the floor when you’re done.
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