Fun With Vacuum Chambers.

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Compared to the sad stories and pessimism found on most news programs, morning news shows are a bastion of positivity. They’re always there to let you know when the zoo has a new red panda or if there’s a harvest festival this weekend. These masters of infotainment don’t just let you know about community events and school closings; sometimes they talk about science. 

That’s what happened when the morning crew at ABC 13 in Toledo, Ohio invited Chief Scientist Carl Nelson of the Toledo Imagination Station on the air to play with a vacuum chamber. Their test object? That tasty Easter morning treat we all know and love as Peeps. See what happens when a puffed marshmallow has all of the air inside of it removed with the power of science. Then stick around for a bonus experiment involving shaving cream. Thank you morning news for focusing on the silly. We have the rest of the news to bum us out.