Game Of Thrones Actor Breaks 1000-Year-Old "Strong Man" Record

Feb 6, 2015
Game of Thrones is a smash hit for the cable network HBO. Hafthór Björnsson plays the character Gregor Clegane, otherwise known as The Mountain (a knight known for his unbelievable strength) in the series.

Hafthór certainly cemented his status as The Mountain while competing in the World's Strongest Viking competition in Norway, which he won. His feat? The 26-year-old carried a 30-foot log, which weighed 1,433 pounds, and he walked five complete steps. The record that he broke is one of Icelandic legend where Viking Orm Storulfsson carried the mast of a ship. He managed to carry the mast for three steps before he broke his back and was never the same.
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