Girl Does A Hilarious, Spot-On Impression Of A Nutritionally Challenged Robot

Apr 24, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Karen Cheng is something of a viral video phenomenon. It all started when she posted a video of herself taking "donut selfies," taking a selfie video while swinging her arm around her head. The idea inspired Beats by Dre to create a campaign around taking these selfies, which they called #SoloSelfie.

Then, she took a year to learn how to dance and created a timelapse of her progress over that year. That video went massively viral, and Karen has been unstoppable ever since, giving talks, consulting clients, making videos and launching startups. She still finds time to dance, though, and as this video of her doing a very impressive robot impersonation proves, she's definitely still keeping her moves sharp.
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