Good Luck Convincing This Girl That Snow Is Real.

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We’re not sure whether the little girl in this video simply lives in an area where snow isn’t prevalent, or if she’s simply young enough to have not seen the stuff. But her reaction probably wouldn’t be all that different to anyone else hearing about those frozen ice crystals falling from the sky for the first time. After all, snow is the result of a pretty crazy set of circumstances. First, water is one of the few chemical compounds ocurring in nature that expands as it freezes. It’s also got boiling and freezing points that make it just right to become rain, snow, clouds and everything else water does in our atmosphere.

It’s not often you see carbon dioxide snow, for example. Which isn’t to say it couldn’t happen, but we’d probably be in a lot of trouble if it did. Frozen carbon dioxide is also known as dry ice, and it is COLD. Also, the only place we’ve seen it happen so far is Mars, which, if we’re on Mars, there’s a whole other set of problems. If you’ve seen The Martian, you know what I mean.

Still, for many people in America (especially in say, Hawaii), ordinary snow is simply something seen in pictures. For the rest of us, it’s both that beautiful, wonderful powdery, crystalline fluff that gives us sledding, skiing and snowmobiling, but also that thing that makes us late for work, and gives us tired backs as we shovel it off of our driveways only to have it reappear in a few minutes. Still, we wouldn’t have it any other way.