Graphics Team Creates Stunning Visuals With Some Balls And A Giant Electromagnet

Jun 1, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
This video of a team of young engineer types modifying some plastic pit balls and using an electromagnet to then manipulate them into a flying column of awesomeness was submitted by a graphics company called Physalia for consideration in the 2011 F5 Re:Play Film Festival. The theme for the competition was "happy."

In case you missed it, the fact that Physalia is a graphics company means that, sadly, these balls were not real (at least not the floating ones). They were all an elaborate use of CGI. For the technologically-oriented viewers out there, another clue was that in real life, an electromagnet of that size would definitely cause malfunctions in any nearby electronic devices. So, while it's sad that this can't be replicated in real life, it certainly stands as a testament to how good these artists are that they made something so convincing.
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