Great Advice From Those Who Have Lived A Full Life

Jan 18, 2015
Many times in life people are heard stating something similar to this, "If I had only known that when I was younger." This piece by YouTube user, Freddy Fairhair, features several older adults from all sorts of different cultures who are asked one simple question - what would be the one thing that they would tell young people?

Although the answers vary, there are certainly several themes which are repeated from person to person and answer to answer. One such theme is "be true to yourself" or, essentially, do not worry what others think. The concept behind this video is a wonderful one, now only to get the young people to listen...

Freddy has close to 200,000 subscribers, and over 20 million views of his videos. He is a young man who moved to California in 2012 from Norway with a passion to inspire and entertain. The channel gets his name from the first Norwegian king, Harald Fairhair. Legend has it that Fairhair would not allow his hair to be cut until Norway was united.
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