Groom Surprises Fiancée With Wedding During Photoshoot

Jan 11, 2015
Brian Green and Christina McGinnis have dated since 2010 and have been engaged since 2013. They are also parents to 23 month old daughter, Aspen. Planning the wedding, although they had already begun their life together, was stressful. The focus of planning always turned to expense, then frustration and the process would stall.

Brian decided to take matters into his own hands. Unbeknownst to Christina, Brian planned the entire wedding as a surprise. It took him nearly a year to pull it off, but he knew this was the right choice for the pair and would stop Christina's worries. He contacted family and friends to make sure they held the date, he found a venue (at the local mall), he concocted the ruse used to get her to the venue, enlisted the help needed to get her in to a wedding gown and from there, it was history! Brian's twin brother, Chris, was on hand to assist and serve as videographer as well.
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