Guys Surprise Random Women With A Lovely Valentine's Serenade.

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There are a lot of ways to show your romantic side to that special someone - flowers, candy, a romantic dinner (homemade is a plus) or even just a nice walk while holding hands. One of my personal favorites, however, is a good old-fashioned serenade. Singing is pretty natural to me, but even if you're not the most musically inclined, you should try it - if music can soothe savage beasts, it's pretty much guaranteed to at least get you some cuteness points with your significant other.

Unfortunately, not everyone is always lucky enough to have someone special in their life at this time of year. Speaking from past personal experience, being single on Valentine's Day can be mildly annoying at best to crushingly depressing at worst. In those days, my favorite February holiday was actually the 15th - when all the unsold Valentine's chocolate was 70 percent off! You have to find ways to find your joy in any situation, y'know?

Perhaps out of recognition that people who are alone need some extra cheer this holiday, YouTuber Stuart Edge decided to get some friends together and play this fun prank on some unsuspecting "victims." Dressed in crisp, clean white shirts, black pants and black ties, Stuart and his crew go around finding random lonely ladies to sneak up on and serenade with a romantic pop song or two. They've even got roses to hand out! While some of the women were a little shocked, most were pleasantly surprised and received their rose with a thankful smile.