Harrowing Japanese Hill Climb Pushes Drift Driving To The Max

Jan 1, 2015
Among race car enthusiasts, several places throughout the world could arguably be the "best place" to race and one of these places might be the Mazda Turnpike in Japan. The Mazda Turnpike is located on Hakone Mountain and is as much known for its beautiful views as its hairpin turns, clear straightaways, and steep elevation changes, making it a racer's dream.

The event drew in a wide range of cars, from a Ford GT40 to a BMW Z4 Super GT, and even some high-powered drifting cars as well. The event was sponsored by Recaro, a long-standing name in the auto industry.

This video, produced by the Motorhead staff, has clips of different drivers throughout the eight km of the turnpike that had been shut down for the event. Speeds range up to 220 mph, and the driving is just as intense to watch. It is amazing to watch these drivers, especially knowing the day was accident-free.
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