He Found This Luxurious Bathroom At A Gas Station

Dec 28, 2014
When traveling, any person has had the displeasure of having to use a gas station restroom. To make matters worse, the gas station requires a key to an outdoor restroom. These restrooms are less monitored, allowing the public to wreak havoc and are typically not the cleanest. So imagine stepping into that outdoor restroom to find that it is nicer than most people's homes! This young man was so inspired, he posted a video! One would need to travel to the Phillipines to find it though.

With just 526 YouTube Channel subscribers, most would think that BigSmileNoTeeth was just your average guy on social media, but not this time. He is really Jason Godfrey, a model/TV personality who has graced the cover of many magazines, given an inspirational TEDx talk, and more. He lives in Hong Kong and hosts a travel TV show. He might be famous, but it was just a gas station restroom that made him smile.
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