Here's A Candy Sorting Machine That Separates Your Favorite Colors For You

Apr 22, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Many people eat their colored candy (Skittles, M&Ms, etc.) only after sorting them into individual colors. For example, first the yellows are eaten, then the greens and the reds are saved for the end. If you are not the type of person to categorize and then eat, this may seem crazy. Believe it or not, it's actually quite common.

Brian Egenriether, an electrical engineer, designed a machine that automatically sorts by color. He specifically designed the appliance to be all white so that there was a pop of color at the bottom in the all white bowls. The machine uses a BASIC Stamp 2 and was written in PBASIC code. It was assembled using a wood base, a funnel from a hummingbird feeder, telescope parts, PVC pipe and parts he created from epoxy.
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