Here's What Happens When You Strap A Parachute To A Snowmobile And Ride Off A Cliff

Mar 15, 2015
Finland has no shortage of snowmobiles, so it's only natural for people to try all sorts of crazy things with them. With sponsorship from Tupla Energy Company, StuntFreaksTeam was able to take a snowmobile and make something totally epic. The team is made up of Antti Leppanen, Juha Ruokolainen, Sebastian Westberg, Janne Myllyoja, Joni Maununen and Antti Pendikainen, all of whom hail from Finland.

StuntFreaksTeam went ahead and built their own flying snowmobile, something they'd never done before. And as dangerous as that might sound, the view is absolutely amazing. Check out Antti Pendikainen fly his team's new project from the top of a mountain in Riksgransen, Sweden.
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