Here's What Income Inequality Sounds Like When Set To Music

Feb 14, 2015
The subway is an iconic part of New York City, and its many lines are like arteries and veins, pumping life and people into the city that never sleeps. Riding a train end-to-end, you'll see all kinds of people, neighborhoods, and income levels.

This income diversity or disparity, depending upon your outlook, is exactly what Brian Foo, a self-described "data-driven DJ", chose to focus on by creating a musical version of the income data for every stop/neighborhood along New York's 2-train route.

At any given stop, between three and thirty instruments can be heard depending upon the income data for that neighborhood. The song itself was composed by a computer, using an algorithm, but Brian chose the notes from the key of E Major, the same key as the New York subway chime.
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