Here's Why Michael Buble's Fans Love Him

Feb 13, 2015
Michael Buble, a renowned singer, songwriter and actor from Canada, is finally finishing up his eighth tour. His tour "To Be Loved" kicked off in June 2013 to support his album, and it is now winding down in Asia. His first concert, in South Korea, included some impromptu interactions with a fan that reminds the world why Buble is so loved.

From the stage, Michael stated, "In 174 shows and 33 countries, I have never fallen in [...] love with a man before. But I can't stop myself because there's a dude that's dancing over there," and then he invited the young man on stage. The guys name is Ji-Kwang, and he got up on stage to show off his dance moves to the audience. The 20-year-old, who is an aspiring jazz musician himself, was beyond excited to meet his idol.
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