High Schoolers Donate Senior Trip Funds To Beloved Principal Battling Cancer.

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"Be the good" is her motto, and her students are doing just as she taught them to do. Students at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire are giving back to their principal, Courtney Vashaw. Earlier this month, she was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer. Being with this school for the past seven years means that the current senior class is the second class that Vashaw has worked with from start to finish (all of middle and high school). She is scheduled to go to New York for treatment shortly after handing out their diplomas.

Vashaw and her students have shown that they have what it takes as a school, ranking as the second best performing high school across the entire state of New Hampshire. They have held this distinction for the past three years. The schools are evaluated on several factors, including the student-to-teacher ratio, performance of students on their Advanced Placement (AP) tests, as well as the students' performance on the math and reading portions of the state exit exam.

An additional GoFundMe crowdfunding account has been created. Any money that is raised beyond the goal will go to Synovial Sarcoma Research and/or any cancer research foundation of Courtney's choice.