Hilarious Video Reveals The "Secrets" Of Some Of Hollywood's Biggest Stars

May 31, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
"Red Nose Day" is an annual fundraising telethon held in the U.K., organized by Comic Relief - a charity set up by screenwriter Richard Curtis in 1985 in response to the famine crisis in Ethiopia. First launched in 1988, the day itself has become a popular event in the U.K., where people buy their own red noses with proceeds going to charity. People are also encouraged to "do something funny for money," which they then donate. The day culminates in an all-star variety show featuring comedic acts, musical performances, field reports from places being benefited and more.

The idea to bring Red Nose Day to the U.S. has been in the works for some time, but there were concerns about the fact that America has three different time zones and far more media outlets than the U.K. does. Thankfully, Comic Relief was able to partner with NBC to make it all work out. The first ever Red Nose Day USA broadcast was May 21, 2015 and the event helped raise over $21 million. This video shows one of the many star-studded comedy sketches shown that night.
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