How One Business Thrives By Hiring People With Autism

Feb 15, 2015
A diagnosis of autism might be given to an individual, but the condition impacts each member of the family. The D'Eri family in Parkland, FL was no different when Andrew, the youngest of the family, was diagnosed when he was three. He received a great education but as with all public schools, this ended at age 21. The family worried about life after school knowing it would be difficult for him to find employment and care for himself if something were to happen to any of them.

Andrew's dad, John, and brother, Tom, decided it was up to them to establish a business that would allow Andrew to become self-sufficient by having a steady job. This meant coming up with a business that relied on specific skills, like completing structured tasks and detail-oriented work, that those with autism would be able to do easily. This meaningful business, named The Rising Tide Car Wash, now employs over 30 people, most of whom share the same condition as Andrew.
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