How Something So Simple Is Becoming The Future Of Next-Generation Technology.

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The newest Macbook from Apple has caused quite a stir, which is primarily focused around its newly introduced USB-Type C port. People aren't exactly sure of what this means or how this new port differs from the already existing USB ports on most computers.

The USB didn't come into play until the mid-1990s, but they grew in popularity just as quickly as any other electronic device. They're useful in just about any situation, from syncing up with a friend's device or just charging your phone. It would be nearly impossible to go without a USB port for more than a day. But what makes the USB-Type C such an improvement?

Youtuber Marques Brownlee, thankfully, is somewhat of an expert on the latest technologies. Brownlee goes into the many types of USB ports and cords, what makes it so special, and why it's quickly going to take over in the world of smart devices.