How Technology Powered By Human Touch Unites Strangers

Jan 14, 2015
In Canada, winters are full of ice storms and polar vortexes, with moments of warmth few and far between. Duracell Canada responded to the harsh conditions by launching an ad campaign designed to bring cold commuters together. They constructed a heated bus shelter, but it has a catch: commuters have to hold someone's hand in order for the heat to kick in. By joining hands, travelers complete a circuit between the positive and negative symbols on either side of the transit shelter.

The company posted a video (which doubled as an ad for the battery-maker's newer Quantum product) showing how the shelter works, and commuters began gleefully clasping palms and smiling as warmth poured down from the shelter roof. Duracell encouraged fans to share the video with the hashtag #PowerWarmth. And for every share, Duracell will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity Canada. Now that's an ingenious way to warm up a city.
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