How To Clean Your Old Pillows.

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We’re living in something of a golden age. It might not seem like it when you turn on the news, but make no mistake, things are pretty amazing right here, right now. When you see this video demonstrating a simple, effective way to wash pillows, you might lament the current state of household affairs. Shouldn’t we all know how to wash pillows?

After all, we should be washing them. Every three to six months, according to many experts on the subject. Between just a general, “ugh, these are dirty” feeling and the fact that unwashed pillows develop a stunning host of fungi and bacteria, there are plenty of reasons to wash them. But many of us don’t know how to wash them, or that we even should. What’s the deal? Why don’t they teach this stuff? Well, they used to, in school through classes like home economics, one of many important classes many schools no longer offer.

So if we’re forgetting how to do simple, necessary things, how could this be a golden age? Well, because of people like Jillee at One Good Thing, a blog and YouTube video series centered around simple but useful “good things” you can do to save time, money, or help you keep your house clean. They’ve taken up the slack and filled the void left by formal education and made it easier than ever to learn way more than you ever could before. Home ec could never dream of teaching all the information over an entire school year that the thousands of creative professionals on YouTube manage to put out in a single day.