How To Decorate Easter Eggs Like A Pro.

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Easter is only five weeks away, which means it's time to start thinking about how you're going to decorate your eggs. While some of you might want to supersize your Easter decorations with these enormous eggs, most of us are looking forward to the traditional method of decorating Easter eggs. In the past, we've always filled bowls with various dyes, from purple to bright orange, and dunked our eggs to give them a lovely coat of pastel. 

This year, it's time to take your eggs to the next level with these three awesome decorating hacks that your friends and family will love. Not only are they a great way to get everyone involved, but they offer way more room to express your creativity than boring old dyes. For example, use nail polish in warm water to make stunning marbled eggs. The best part? No two eggs turn out looking the same! Polka dot eggs might look complicated, but they only require some decorative napkins and egg yolk to make. 

Before you go on an egg decorating spree this Easter, it's important to remember that products like nail polish are toxic, so don't eat any eggs that have been decorated with it. If you'd like to save the eggs and still decorate their shells, we recommend blowing out the insides before you start decorating. Want something besides eggs to snack on this Easter? Try making this gigantic "Peeps" cake filled with tons of tiny Peeps. With delicious cake and stellar decorations like these, you're sure to have the best Easter celebration ever.