How To Stop Wasting So Much Time Arguing Online

Mar 12, 2015
The writer behind the YouTube channel CGP Grey creates videos that teach and explain different ideas and concepts. In fact, his byline is "Complex Things Explained." In this newest video creation, he attempts (and succeeds) to explain one of the hardest concepts of all: why some things go viral on the internet. He does so using the metaphor of "thought germs" and treating these possible viral ideas as "colds."

CGP Grey is named after the channel's founder, Colin Gregory Palmer Grey, who is the sole creator behind the channel. One of Grey's first videos went viral nearly four years ago with over 7 million views, allowing him to spawn additional channels like CGP2 and greysfavs. He is also a co-host of the podcast Hello Internet with Brady Haran. Grey grew up in New York and moved to London, where he was a physics teacher until he left to write full time.
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