How To Write A Joke With Jerry Seinfeld.

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Jerry Seinfeld is easily the most successful comedian of all time, with an estimated worth of $800 million dollars. So when he tells you how to write a joke there's a solid chance his advice will help create something funny. Sadly most of us will never get to meet Mr. Seinfeld, but thanks to this video from the New York Times you can still learn all of his basic tips for how to craft your own joke.

Starting with obvious help like "first you have to find something funny" the video explores how to take a humorous idea and turn it into something memorable by breaking down the comic's own joke about Pop-Tarts. Seinfeld even covers some of the aspects of humor writing that typically get overlooked by audiences, like revising your jokes and working on getting the biggest laugh with the fewest words.

Once you're done watching try to write your own joke and share it with us in the comments. Just remember folks, keep it clean.